Yoga Posture to Try: Natarajasana



Lord of the Dance Pose

King Dancer/Standing Bow


Balancing and back-bending posture.

Stretches the shoulders and chest, thighs, groins, and abdomen

Strengthens the legs and ankles



  • Come into Tadasana, Mountain Pose.

  • Find your center and ground through the outer edges of your feet.

  • Extend Right Arm out, palm facing up, inside of your elbow facing out.  

  • Bend Right Leg and grab foot/ankle without tilting your wrist.

  • Align Knees 

  • Extend Left Arm straight up, palm facing right.

  • On an exhale, charge forward as you pick up your right leg.  Take your gaze towards your left hand.  

  • Hold this posture for 30+seconds