Our mission is simple. We just want to make the world a better place, by helping humans feel better about themselves. We believe practicing self-care is a form of self love, and the more we love ourselves the more love we can share.

Hagoyah was created with a vision to help make the world a better place by helping humans be better people through practicing self-care.  

I started practicing yoga and mediation around the time I dropped out of college to start Cosmetology school. I believe that through my meditation practice I was given the opportunity to listen to my intuition/inner being in guiding me to peruse my dreams of being a “just a hairdresser.”  

Early in my yoga journey, I found it difficult to find a practice that resonated with me and with my budget while living in Southern California. I found myself taking advantage of several “New Student” specials all over the place which opened me up to a variety of styles and traditions in Yoga and Meditation.  

I had a similar experience in finding a place to practice my craft of hairdressing. Still living in Southern California once I graduated from Cosmetology school, my mid-western heart couldn’t fit in with the fast-paced, high-fashion, high-end beauty industry bubble of So-Cal. So, I took a fantastic job working for a major manufacturer which in turn gave me the tools and experience I needed to cultivate Hagoyah.  

Fast Forward to 2010. I left my “corporate job” to finally live my dreams of being a stylist, but still felt I simply didn’t fit in anywhere. Living back in KC, it was hard to find a new yoga home/community and I had this burning desire to give back to the world. So, I built my own community centered around self-care with a mission to bring back that weekly experience of self-care and community our grandmothers once had when “shampoo-sets” were the main style for women.

My meditation and yoga practice has been so impactful for me, and I just want to share these tools with the world by making yoga and meditation affordable, accessible and part of a weekly self-care regimen. I firmly believe the more that we practice better self-care, we will be nicer people and our world will be a nicer place. 

-Angela Braun, Hagoyah Owner