Our fearless leader and Daymaker Extraordinaire, in the hair and self-care game for 20 years.

Specialties: Yogi Hair Wizard.

I opened Hagoyah with the dream to simply help make the world a better place by helping others feel better about themselves by tapping into their inner beauty through Yoga and Self-Care.



She’s been Hagoyah’s anchor from the beginning as an Administrative Details Expert and Yogi.

Specialties: Yoga Studio Coordinator, Social Manager, HR, and Community Engagement Specialist.

As a Wellness Advocate I help us connect with places and people that offer authenticity and community to Support our mission.



Sedona is an artist and yoga teacher who has been cultivating community in Kansas City since 2013.

Specialties: Accessible, inclusive yoga classes intelligently designed to help you find more freedom.

My devotion to living artfully is the driving force behind empowering classes that emphasize awareness, embodiment, and authenticity.



9th year massage therapist passionate about helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life.

Specialties: Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage

Massage is not just a luxury; It’s a way to a healthier and happier life.



Combining art and science to help people achieve their beauty goals since 2006.

Specialties: Cutting, Coloring, Styling, Waxing and Makeup

My goal is to make my clients feel confident and comfortable.



Bubbly and energetic human that loves to see the amazing transformation her clients go through.

Specialties: Vibrant Colors, Fun New Cuts, Transformational Styles

I’ve fallen in love with the community Hagoyah offers centered around self-care.



As a stylist, she’s motivated to help you look your best using creativity infused with passion.

Specialties: Precision Cutting, New Color Techniques

“Love of beauty is Taste; Creation of beauty is Art”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson



Voted Best Massage Therapist in KC by The Pitch Weekly in 2018.

Specialties: Tends to do a firmer massage but enjoys doing all types of massage.

Outside of work I am a boy mom and enjoy spending time with my family and summers at the lake.



Massage Therapist giving people the opportunity to invest in themselves.

Specialties: Trigger point therapy, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Heat/cold Therapy, Passive and Facilitating Stretch.

With each client, my touch will respect the inseparable connection between mind, body, and spirit.


Small town Missouri girl, big dreams hairstylist.

Specialties: Blonding and Men’s Cuts

I’m a foodie at heart and in my free time, you can find me lifting weights in the gym!



Yogi - Let’s learn why and how the energies of the current astrological climate affect you and how to flow not only with the breath but also with the stars.

Specialties: In her classes, you will learn both safe alignment and where the sun and moon are in the sky.

Cultivating a loving and compassionate conversation with the body so that with the breath we can connect through the body and to the spirit.



Yogi since 2007, teaching both locally and nationwide.

Specialties: Core Power Yoga, Hot Yoga

Yoga taught her to know the beauty of inner stillness within the mind, the strength that develops within the body, and the truth revealed within the soul.



Yogi with a desire to help others find a more mindful and loving relationship with their true Self.

Specialties: Roots in Hatha and Vinyasa

The pursuit of wellness is a life-long journey and I set out to support others on their path to compassionate self-awareness.



She offers a comfortable environment for her students to cultivate mindfulness and understand the connection between their bodies, energies, and emotions.

Specialties: Encourages curiosity, creativity, and playfulness.

Fulfillment and contentment are found by embodying all that you are and molting all you are not.



Teaching yoga to help people unplug and find calm and peace since 2000.

Specialties: Bikram Series

Yoga changed my life and helped me to be a better person, a more generous partner and kinder friend, not to mention the various health benefits of having a regular practice.


Stylist with a focus on understand her client’s lifestyle to develop a look that suits each person’s unique personality.

Specialties: Custom Color and cuts

She has a passion for creating custom color and cuts to fit a client’s personal style.