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Angela is our fearless leader and Daymaker Extraordinaire. She opened Hagoyah with the dream to simply help make the world a better place by helping others feel better about themselves by tapping into their inner beauty through Yoga and Self-Care. She has been in the beauty industry for nearly twenty years and found her love for mediation and yoga around the same time she decided to drop out of college and find a career that she loved in the beauty industry.



Marisa has been an anchor at Hagoyah since the beginning. She works behind-the-scenes as an administrative details expert, our Resident Wellness Advocate & Yoga Studio Coordinator while supporting our holistic beauty & wellness mission with Social Media Management, Human Resources, special projects, and Community Engagement. She is an empathetic wordsmith, yoga instructor & practitioner who loves researching, music, and animals, especially birds & dogs. You can likely find her at yoga, seeking nature, sipping a kombucha or diving deep into research to help advocate for wellness, root caused based functional medicine and autoimmune conditions. Connecting with places and people that offer authenticity and community are top on her list of criteria, which is precisely why she fits right in at Hagoyah.



Sedona’s devotion to living artfully is the driving force behind empowering classes that emphasize awareness, embodiment, and authenticity. With a trauma-informed approach to teaching that is steeped in personal experience and anchored in the belief that everybody deserves to benefit from the practices of yoga, Sedona encourages you to embrace your individual experience. Come as you are and take refuge knowing that she has mindfully crafted an accessible, inclusive class for you. Rich with creativity, peppered with humor and woven together with pearls of wisdom, Sedona’s classes are intelligently designed to help you find more freedom in every facet of life. Learn more about her unique offerings at



My name is Elena Harvey and this will be my 9th year as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  While I enjoy deep tissue and Swedish massage, I specialize in practicing Lomi Lomi. I am passionate about helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life. Massage is not just a luxury; It’s a way to a healthier and happier life.



I have always had a keen interest in the hair industry. I have been providing cutting, coloring, waxing and makeup services to the Kansas City and metro areas since 2006, and I still love my profession. I love the combination of art and science and there is always more to learn. I love meeting new people and helping them achieve their beauty goals and providing them with services that suit their individual needs. I love specializing in short haircuts and I also have a huge passion for styling hair.  

I love updos and transforming people with makeup. My makeup goals are to make my clients feel confident and comfortable. I love doing updo’s and my style is a little more on the organic side. I like to work with the hair’s natural texture to create soft, pretty and unique styles.

IG: @glammedbybroooke




Marley is a bubbly and energetic human who is ready to spread her talent to each individual that she comes in contact with. As excited as she gets about vibrant new colors or a fun new cut, it’s the end result that means the most to her. The finished style and the exciting shock the client gets from the transformation she’s given them makes her job worth it! “Hagoyah is the best place I could ever work. In my late twenties I discovered the importance of self-care, and each day I make a point to give myself even just a few deep breaths in my car... Or few deep breaths after my morning alarm to remind myself I care enough about myself to protect my mental health and self-being which is why I have fallen in love with the community Hagoyah offers.